5 Do’s for a Job Interview

The Job Interview Do’s

1. Be Prepared

Do some research about your target company and the industry as much possible before attending the interview. You may as well prepare your own questions and ask the interviewers to see whether the position that you are applying is a good personal fit for you.

2. Be Confident

Stay calm during the interview. Begin your introductions with a firm but not overpowering handshake. Just relax and answer whatever questions the interviewers asked during the process.

3. Be Engaging

Eye contact is important in communication as well as in daily conversation. It is a must to make eye contact often during an interview. It shows confidence and connects you with the interviewer. It is even better if you remember the interviewer’s name and use it during the interview to stay engaged.

4. Be Careful

Think twice before you speak out your mind! This might be the only chance you get to convince a prospective employer that you are the right fit for the job. Your answers during the interview are as important as the image you cast.

5. Be Outgoing

The power of a personal connection is somehow important. If you  are able to connect with your interviewer in a personal way, they may think that you would be an enjoyable person to have in the office or on the team.