10 Quick Tips for Finding a New Job

Unless you among those who are lucky to work in a high-demand career, otherwise, finding a new job might be a challenging and frustrating experience. If you use proactive strategies to find a new job, it might be easier for yourself. Let’s get started on what are the strategies and tips.

1. Be clear on what you want

You need to take time to figure out your strengths and weaknesses as well as the type of work you will be enjoyed doing before starting your job search. The better you know yourself, the more likely you will find a new job that provides you with greater satisfaction. Figure out what do you expect in a job in term of money, promotion, location, company culture or even working environment?

2. Research your target companies

It is time to find out the companies you are applying for once you know what you want. There is a great platform for you to investigate a company which is Glassdoor website. It enables you to have better understanding on the company that you applied in terms of their company culture, questions interviewers commonly ask and you can even discover what salary you are likely to get paid. There are also some reviews of the ex-employees of certain companies.

3. Tailor your resume to each job

Resume is still one of the most critical tools of a job search. Thus, do bear in mind, make yourself an obvious fit. Besides, study the words and verbs that are used in the job description.

4. Create your online career brand

In order to showcase your expertise and passion online, you should build your brand so that the employers can find it by surfing the website. Most of the recruiters will use LinkedIn as their primary search tool. Job seekers may fully utilize LinkedIn as a platform to get employed.

5. Get organised

Take some time to develop a system that works for you in organizing your job search before you start applying for jobs or having interview with employers. A simple spreadsheet works best for many to keep a track of the jobs you have applied for, where you have been invited to interview and so on.

6. Don’t limit yourself to online applications

Do not rely on submitting online applications as you might looking for a job for a very long time. By the time you apply, the company might be in the final interview stage or the job might have even been filled. You may directly contact the companies that you feel interested.

7. Develop examples and stories that showcase your skills

This might be one of the main tips of finding a new job. People remember stories and have a strong impression with a good story. Hence, you should be developing a set of interview stories that you can use in networking meetings or job interviews which clearly demonstrate your skills, achievements and passion for your work. It does help you feel more comfortable when introduce about yourself.

8. Prepare for all job interview

Remember to develop responses for common interview questions and practice before you get called for an interview. The more you prepared, the more comfortable you will be and the more likely you will succeed.

9. Follow up with hiring manager

You may follow up with the hiring manager regularly in order to show your interest and enthusiasm for the job. The key is do it in a way that is professional and avoid making yourself sound pesky or needy.

10. Be kind to yourself

Looking for a job can be stressful, take some time to meditate, exercise regularly or even watch a movie to relax yourself. Do things that make you feel less stressed out.